Drupal Career Online Students Getting Ready to Graduate

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Drupal is a PHP-developed content management framework available free of cost. It consists of highly passionate and experienced professionals working as developers, designers, editors, strategists, coordinators, trainers, sponsors, etc. The framework features open-source characteristics. Showcasing its importance in the web world, Drupal covers the whopping percentage of 2.3% of world’s website. Every day, thousands of professionals are getting introduced to the capabilities of this amazing platform that offers seamless digital marketing experiences to the globe. Talking about its very many features and benefits, Drupal offers –

  1. Reliability in performance
  2. Authoring of content
  3. Unmatched security
  4. Incomparable flexibility
  5. Impressive modularity
  6. Capabilities of developing integrated digital platforms
  7. Impressively extendable
  8. Customized themes
  9. High scalability

It is these benefits and opportunities Drupal presents, that the graduates learning this technology have immense scope in building sites. Graduates working on this platform are not only technically strong; they have exceptional expertise in hands-on of such projects. As the domain of expertise also varies such as the development, design, front-end, Quality Analyst, Project Manager, etc, organizations will need to specify their requirements in order to grab the best team of professionals.

Pillars of Drupal

Students learning Drupal need to understand the Pillars on which Drupal stand strong. As before trying their skills and knowledge on real-time projects, it is crucial to comprehend them and carve a solid foundation

a. Globalism

Globalism is the planning of foreign and economic policies on intercontinental basis.

      b. Collaboration

Collaboration is working in a group that leads to the development of something.

   c. Innovation

Innovation is the introduction of new ideas and methods to something that exists in order to mark the improvements.

Students learning the framework require getting a good grasp of Drupal ecosystem. Online courses offer an incredible assistance in understanding the platform to ensure maximum usage

Applications of Drupal


Drupal ecosystem marks its presence worldwide, not to mention the credit goes to its incredible utility. Major countries including the United States and the cities like London, France, etc utilize the framework for communication purposes.

Notable media companies NBC, BBC, and MTV UK are already using Drupal for entertainment and information purposes.

Drupal has played a significant role in the development and amelioration of the world. When it was launched in its standard version, it showcased all the basic functionalities of a content management system including the –

a.  Menu management


b.  Account Registration and maintenance of the user

c. Taxonomy

d.  RSS feeds


e. System administration

f. Page layout customization


Wildnet is exploring Drupal

Wildnet has demonstrated its expertise in developing the new technologies, Drupal being one of the most prominent. Understanding the significance and future scope of the platform, increasing number of students are trying their future in it. Exploiting the capabilities of the platform, students can make a notable difference to the world.

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